Suterusu Receives Strategic Investment from LayerX Capital

Suter Chef
2 min readApr 12, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Suterusu, the world’s first layer-2 privacy protection protocol which does not require a trusted setup, has received a strategic investment from LayerX Capital. LayerX Capital is enthusiastic about Suterusu’s original and leading position in the development of privacy protocol technology. The partnership will help expand Suterusu’s ecosystem and deploy Suterusu’s layer-2 private payment network on more public blockchains.

Headquartered in San Francisco and Singapore, LayerX Capital is committed to discovering unicorn projects in the field of distributed ledger technology. The team members are early investors and developers of Ethereum and Ripple. LayerX Capital is one of the early investing institutions of Ethereum, Holo, Solana, and Chainlink and is deeply involved in SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, NKN, and other projects as well. Official website

Suterusu is a layer-2 protocol with original zk-Consark technology, which does not require a trusted setup, and its core technical paper has been accepted by Eurocrypt 2021, one of the top cryptology conferences. Suterusu’s layer-2 privacy protocol has been audited by Peckshield and can be deployed on almost any blockchain that supports smart contracts. Within three weeks of the official launch of Suter Shield BSC, the total transaction volume has exceeded 140 million USD, and the number of transactions has exceeded 9,000. The annualized TRY has exceeded 2,000%. The total transaction volume including Suter Shield Ethereum is over 210 million USD, with more than 1000 transactions. The annualized TRY has exceeded 1,000%. It also supports a social liquidity mining program on PancakeSwap, and currently, the program has over 3,500 independent active users. Suter Shield has generated over 2 million US dollars in service fee income, which will be distributed through the xSuter auction, and bidding Suter tokens will be burned. Suter Shield’s layer-2 privacy transfer protocol will strive to become an advanced transfer and transaction method for digital currencies worldwide.