Suterusu Foundation Statement Regarding the KuCoin hack

Dear Suterusu Community,

On Sep 25/26, over $150 million worth of tokens were stolen from KuCoin exchange, and as part of the theft, over 200 million SUTER with a market value of over $1 million were stolen. Luckily, as we informed all the exchanges to shut down the deposit and withdrawal of SUTER and our community to remove their liquidity on Uniswap, so no one bore any loss from this Kucoin incident. Suterusu Foundation is initiating a hard fork of the Suter Token contract to return the stolen tokens to the victims who choose to adopt the new contract. We ask the community to join us and support the hard fork. The new smart contract will specify an address owned by a trust in Singapore to be the escrow of the stolen tokens before they are returned to the victims. As Suterusu Foundation has no power to compel exchanges, wallets, and information services to point their services to or recognize the new contract address, it may take several days for the third parties to decide whether they are willing to go along with the hard fork. We will announce the planned hard fork block height on Ethereum mainnet and update through our official twitter: @suterusu_io and our telegram group: in real time.

Suterusu Foundation

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